Training Information

Training is open to all players, regardless of standard. We have two separate training grounds, one for winter training and another for summer training. After training there is usually a something social going on too.
Winter training
Winter training starts during the first week of September. Both Mens and Womens training is on Wednesday nights, from 8pm until 9pm at Hitchin Boys School astroturf pitch.
Hitchin Boys’ School,
Grammar School Walk,
Summer training
Summer training starts during the first week of April. Both Mens and Womens training is on Wednesday nights, from 6.30pm until it gets dark. This is on grass pitches at the club so may be better to bring boots as well as trainers.
Blueharts Hockey Club,
Lucas Lane,
See the directions page for how to get there.


Ladies: The South East Lacrosse Association.

Mens: The South of of England Mens Lacrosse Association (SEMLA).

Junior Development

The Hitchin Lacrosse Development Program (HLDP) coaches provides lacrosse development, clinics and coaching, for schools in and around the Hertfordshire area. The best way for a primary school to get started with lacrosse is to start your students with a six week session of curriculum time. This allows for each student to gain a basic knowledge of the sport of lacrosse and also gets them confident in their abilities to continue with the sport in the future.

We then like to form an extracurricular club, during lunch or after school, for the students wishing to pursue the sport in a more competitive atmosphere. Our current clubs are making great strides in understanding how the game is played and the rules needed to compete above a beginner’s level. We will be hosting a lacrosse tournament in the Spring as well as organising a league with all of the schools participating in the Hitchin Lacrosse Development Program.

Welcome to our new coach(es) for the coming season

Hitchin Lacrosse Development with the help of the English Lacrosse Association has recently employed an American coach as a local development officer. They will continue to run the current program and aim to increase the number of schools that take part in Lacrosse sessions.